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TIMELESS TRUTHS: God's Word is Reliable

Weekly Warm-up: How do you spend Memorial Day? What does military sacrifice mean to you? Weekly Overview: Becoming a Christian during vacation Bible school as a young child allows one to be saved from many of the world’s evils.   It results in a boring testimony.   Paul is telling Timothy that it is OK to have a boring testimony.   Knowing the Holy Scriptures from infancy is a way to develop a lifestyle of Christian learning but it is never too late to study God’s Word!   The Bible is our manual for life.     Weekly Discussion Questions: Read 2 Timothy 3:10-17 What was Paul trying to teach Timothy? How did Jesus use scripture in His teaching? Why is knowing and believing the Bible important today? How do you use scripture in your daily walk? Who taught you in God’s Word? Who are you teaching God’s Word? Why is knowing and believing the Bible important today? Group Prayer: Pray for list of local church needs. Pray for our active military. Pray