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This Week: Seven weeks ago a small church in a rural community started a revival that was supposed to last a week.  It is still going on and has now moved to a large tent. Well over 100 people have been saved during the revival including a 71-year-old man who had attended that church with his family for many years.  He acted like a Christian, he talked like a Christian and everyone thought he was a Christian.  He knew all about God but he did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Our number one priority is to know God personally.  There is only one way to Heaven.  Knowledge won't get you there.  Family won't get your there.  Church attendance won't get you there.  There is only one way -- Jesus. Read John 17:1-5 What do you learn from Jesus' prayer for Himself? How can we truly know God? How do we earn eternal life? What five things did the sermon say do not change? Why it is important that our God is unchanging? Looking forward to next