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Do Something! Purpose

Icebreaker: What clubs have you been a member of? What were your “electives” in school? Overview: Read John 14:23-26. We often over-think God’s purpose for our life. We hear the story of how someone has served God in a powerful way and we begin to underestimate the contribution we are making in God’s Kingdom just by being obedient. Your purpose is to do what God is calling you to do. In his book, Do Something! Make Your Life Count , Miles McPherson says, “God’s purpose for your life is to love Him by obeying Him. He has created you to do something great with your life. Each of us will have unique things to do, but whatever we do, it should be out of obedience to God.” If God had needed 100 Billy Grahams, He would have created 100 Billy Grahams. You are uniquely equipped by God to be you. Go! Do Something! Discussion: Why is obedience an indicator of love? How does God reward obedience? What happens when we try to serve God without purpose? Activiti

Do Something! Preparation

Icebreaker: What was your special skill as a child? If you were a super hero, what skill would you have? Overview: Read Ephesians 2:1-10. This week begins our journey to “Do Something.” During the last five weeks, we have learned that the Lord’s favor is upon us. We have been called and challenged to share the Good News with others through the power of the Holy Spirit that is upon us. This week we start our preparation to turn our good intentions into actions. We have been saved by God’s grace from a sinful world. Often, after years of living in His grace, we forget that “for the grace of God go I.” We separate ourselves from sin but then start also separating ourselves from those who are still captive to sin. Pastor Miles McPherson says, “You and I are not messiahs, of course, but just as Jesus came to do something to love this world, we too have a mandate to do something loving and, in our own small way, to bring hope to someone who is hopeless.” We have been